Upgrade Assurance

Upgrade Assurance allows to perform software maintenance at reduced costs, by purchasing free software upgrades for a specified period of time. It is provided as a means to lower the total ownership costs of the software, by reducing upgrade expenses for our loyal customers. During Upgrade Assurance period, all major and minor software updates are provided for free. Protect your investment by affording yourself the most current versions of the software at only fraction of the normal upgrade costs!


Upgrade Assurance is available both for fixed period and on subscription basis. Subscription never expires, and is billed recurrently (once per specified period of time according to subscription plan). Choose either long term investment or non-expiring subscription.

  • Upgrade Assurance:
    • Provides free software upgrades for purchased period of time.
    • Currently is available for Automation Workshop and Command line email.
    • Customers without Upgrade Assurance are entitled to purchase upgrade versions for a reduced price.
    • Customers with a purchased license are entitled to use the software product as long as necessary without any obligation to upgrade. Critical patches may be offered without additional cost.

When purchasing multiple licenses, the volume discount also applies to upgrade assurance prices. In addition to fixed time upgrade assurance, ongoing subscriptions are available with recurrence periods of 3 months and 1 year.

  • Upgrade Assurance · Order
    Provides free software upgrades for purchased period of time.
    License typeDiscountPer yearPrice
    1 year Upgrade Assurance$99$99
    2 year Upgrade Assurance30%$69$139
    3 year Upgrade Assurance40%$59$179

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