Is it possible to send email from the DOS prompt?

The short version first. Yes, it is possible to send email from the DOS prompt. Start Command Prompt from the Start Menu or Start Screen, by typing cmd. Then enter the following expression in the command line:

C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -SUBJ Simple email message -TEXT Email from DOS is easy

Advanced email features are easy too, for example, sending HTML email with .pdf file attached and using secure connection:

C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -SUBJ Simple email message -TEXT Email from DOS is easy

What is febootimail? Febootimail is email client, that can send emails directly from the DOS command line. And before we begin, you need to download and install it.

Usually, to send email you will need SMTP server and authentication.

Now the long version. Actually, you can not send email from "pure" MS-DOS. But don't worry… by pure, we mean the real DOS without Microsoft Windows installed. Usually, DOS didn't have the network, and you can not send email without the network connection.

Luckily, nowadays speaking about DOS we understand the DOS, that is built into Windows. That black window with command prompt, where you can enter commands.

Opening DOS window depends on your Windows version. In Windows 8 you can type cmd in the Start Screen, and press Enter key. In Windows 7, hit the Start button and type cmd.exe. In the older Windows, press Start, then click on Run, then type cmd.

In the DOS prompt you can enter various commands, such as dir, copy, rd, md and so on. These commands are legacy from the 80s till mid 90s, when all you had was a black screen with command line where cursor was blinking and waiting for your commands. The Internet was just getting popular and there was no a such services like Gmail, and Hotmail was just founded.

Now that you know, how to send emails from the DOS prompt, it is time download febootimail, and send some emails!

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