Status bar

Queue manager status bar is located at the bottom of Queue manager window. It displays the total number of queued Tasks as well as number of Tasks for each category (i.e., running, waiting, paused). Queue manager options can be accessed by clicking the simultaneous task limit button that is shown on the right side of status bar.

Status barDescription
TasksShows the total number of unfinished Tasks in queue.
RunningShows the number of currently running Tasks.
WaitingShows the number of Tasks waiting for execution. Usually a Task is waiting if its Trigger is configured to delay the execution, simultaneous task limit is reached or previous instance of the same Task is already running while only single instance is allowed for the given Task.
PausedShows the number of paused Tasks.
Simultaneous Task LimitShows the maximum number of Tasks allowed to be executed simultaneously. Also, provides access to Queue manager options.
Queue manager status bar

Running parallel automated tasks require efficient control over executed processes. See more information on Queue manager functionality, usage and other relevant information provided in section below.

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