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Email tab allows specifying the default SMTP server both for sending Task success and failure reports and emails using Send email Action. Provide connection parameters, such as authentication, username, password, port settings and other details.

SMTP server Enter address of SMTP server that will be used as default for all email and notification sending processes.
See SMTP server configuration in email clients.
Port Specify SMTP server port.
Authentication Select SMTP authentication method (None, Auto detect, PLAIN, LOGIN, NTLM or CRAM-MD5).
Connection Choose between Regular, and secure client and SMTP connection (SSL or STARTTLS).
Username Provide SMTP authentication username.
Password Provide SMTP authentication password.
Advanced Configure advanced email settings such as character encoding, email priority, network timeout, and adjust email notification templates to format automatic emails with information messages, warnings and errors.
From Specify sender's email address with or without name.
To Specify single or multiple email recipients.
Send test email Click to send test email to specified email address. Automation Workshop will log an information Event ID 2190, which indicates that the user has tested email settings by sending a notification email.

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