Tasks tab allows configuring basic task related settings. Specify default user account whose credentials will be used to execute appropriately configured Tasks. Disable Task Wizard welcome screen (if already acquainted with design of Task structure), configure delays for error caused Action retries.

Task files location Displays the path to the folder that contains Task files.
Default user Default user parameter (specified here) is applied to all Tasks that are configured to Run Tasks as default user in Run As tab. When executed, these Tasks inherit network and desktop access rights of specified default user.
  • Username · specify username of Windows user account on local machine.
  • DOMAIN\Username · if computer is located within Windows Server domain, specify both domain and username in order for Automation Workshop to be able accessing network resources.
Password Enter password for default user account.
Default Run As option upon new task creation When enabled, automatically indicates that all subsequently created Tasks will be executed from default user account with according desktop and network access rights. The setting can be changed in Run As tab of Task properties.
Length of delay before retrying Action upon error occurrence If an Action is configured to be retried upon encountering an error and the error occurs, the Action is retried for specified number of times. This option allows specifying the length of delay which will be applied before attempting another try to execute the Action.
Show welcome page upon new task creation If enabled, an introductory Welcome page is shown each time Task Wizard is opened.

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