Automate with Command line email

Command line email utility is designed to provide solutions for many email sending tasks. Due to its universal applicability, email utility supplies all the most needed features for organizing automatic email sending.

  • Email at PC start-up.
    It is possible to configure computer to automatically send an email when it is turned on. Get informed whenever someone turns on computer as well as report on accidental reboots.
  • Email IP address.
    Command line email utility provides easy-to-use means for sending IP address to a specified email that comes in hand to locate the remote computer with dynamically assigned IP address.
  • Send .pdf, .doc, .xls, .jpg and other files by email.
    Command line email can be configured to automatically send all files of predefined type from specified folder to email. It could be useful to gather all files in the evening or at the end of the week, and to send them to another location for backup purposes.
  • Reports and notifications.
    Febootimail utility can automatically send various reports (server load, free disk space, etc.) as well as hourly, daily or weekly notifications and reminders, used together with Windows Task Scheduler.

Command line email utility strives for universal integration in most Windows based work environments. Utility can be configured to send various types of emails for example: lists, notifications, reports and more. It can be integrated with means of batch files, task scheduler and variety of scripts (VBA, CGI, PHP, ASP, etc.). Mail sending can be done either manually or automatically on trigger basis.

We offer the leader price / performance product in this category and we believe that our Command line email is the best solution for most possible tasks due to its absolute flexibility and customizability.

Automation Workshop

New! We recommend Automation Workshop - software solution that allows connecting various computer system events and processes by designing Tasks visually.

Besides featuring built-in email sending module, Automation Workshop also provides a growing set of file / folder monitoring and operating modules, powerful Task scheduler, logging features and error handling options.

While Command line email application's essential reliance on configuration of its environment accounts for much of its flexibility and universality, sometimes it is more efficient to deploy ready solutions instead of scripting / programming such environments.

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