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Log Manager Pane shows event messages of selected type (i.e., warnings, errors, information) within specified date range. Log data are arranged in four columns displaying date of event, associated Task, details and Event ID respectively.

Date Shows date and time of event occurrence.
Task Shows name of the Task (if any) to which event belongs.
Details Shows event description that indicates what actually happened at the given time. Double click, to open Event Details.
Event ID Shows event identification number that is unique for each type of event and can be used both for identification of the problem and online reference.

Context menu

Use the context menu to access the hide or show functionality of specific events:

  • View only this Event ID · Forces to show only Events that have one particular identifier.
  • Hide this Event ID · Narrow down the list of events by hiding those with specific event IDs. Simply click on the event ID you wish to hide, and repeat as many times as necessary. Useful for focusing on specific events by reducing clutter.


  • Once Log Manager window is opened, its contents are not updated with new event messages unless refresh button is used (or, alternatively, Log Manager closed and opened again).

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