Log manager toolbar

Log manager toolbar contains buttons that allow efficient management of log overview. User can choose between service and workshop logs or open Task specific log files, select what message types to display (i.e., errors, warnings, information) and filter messages by time period, Event ID or message text.

Toolbar buttonsDescription
OpenSelect between service and workshop logs or open additional Task specific logs for viewing them in Log manager.
ErrorsEnable / disable displaying error messages.
WarningsEnable / disable displaying warning messages.
MessagesEnable / disable displaying information messages.
DateSelect time period for which the log is displayed. When custom date range is selected, user is allowed to input necessary dates at the bottom of Log manager window.
FilterFilter messages by the Task name, message text or Event ID.
RefreshUpdate log manager window and load most recent log messages available.
HelpOpen events online help page in default web browser.
Log manager toolbar

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