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A list of all variables from the current computer or server. An overview of variable names, values, and other properties. Use the add or edit button to manage variables.

New variable Create a new global variable.
Edit variable Modify an existing global variable.


While the name and description of a variable is available at runtime, other attributes help you to group and maintain an order, consistency, and structure. Each of the global variables consists of the following properties.

Name A name of a global variable that is available in all your automated and scheduled Tasks. The name must be unique in the scope of a computer/server.
Value A simple or complex (multi-line) value of the variable.
Group Grouping aids better variable management. The special Passwords group hides values by displaying asterisk symbols (at the runtime a complete value is returned).
Protected A read-only attribute to prevent accidental variable removal. Also, the protected variables can't be modified using the Modify Global Variable Action.
Description A free form description to help users grasp the meaning of the variable.


To access variables, navigate to Variable Wizard · Variables · Global

Variable Wizard variables
Variable Wizard · Global variables

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