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Create, edit, or delete global variables, constants, and templates. Each global variable consists of its value, description, custom group, and other parameters. Variables can range from a very simple single character variable to very long and complex multi-line email or document templates · Variables

Manage variables…

New variable

Give the variable a unique and recognizable name, enter its value and provide it with a description. Last two of these will be available to your automated Tasks. Choose a category for easier variable maintenance.

Global Variable · New variable
Create… Global variable is just one click away!

Edit variable

Edit an existing variable or template by changing its fields. Make the variable read-only by protecting it from accidental deletion. Use the delete button to remove the variable from Automation Workshop.

Global Variable · Edit variable
Edit… Adjust variable parameters

Both the variable description and value are accessible from your Task at runtime using the Variable Wizard. Other fields are provided for your convenience and easier workflow maintenance process.

To automatically change global variable value, use the Modify Global Variable Action.

Variable name Unique name of a global variable or constant.
Description Free form description of the variable.
Value Simple or complex variable value. It can range from a few characters to very complex multi-line documents or templates.
Protect and make the variable read-only Protects the variable from accidental deletion. It also prevents the variable from being modified within automated workflows when using the Modify Global Variable Action.
Assign to a custom variable group Provides a convenient variable grouping for easier variable management:
  • Crucial
  • Extra
  • Passwords · also masks entered characters.
  • Interactive
  • Files & items
  • Shared
  • Default
  • Testing
Delete Global Variable Removes current variable from Automation Workshop.


To access variables, navigate to Variable Wizard · Variables · Global

Variable Wizard variables
Variable Wizard · Global variables

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