Options tab of Run DOS or CMD command Action allows to specify the way a Task will proceed with following Actions after executing DOS or CMD command. It can launch the next Action right after running DOS or CMD command, after a fixed delay or only after termination of the specified command or program. It is also possible to choose command prompt window startup state, namely, whether it will be maximized, minimized, full screen or hidden.

Continue immediately Task's next Action will be executed immediately after starting DOS or CMD command, batch file or Windows executable.
Continue after delay of Task's next Action will be executed a specified amount of time after starting DOS or CMD command, batch file or Windows executable.
Wait for program to complete Task's next Action is to be started right after the execution of DOS or CMD command, or batch file ends.
Do not wait longer than If enabled, Automation Workshop does not wait for end of DOS or CMD command, or batch file execution more than specified amount of time before proceeding with the next Action.
Treat exit codes greater than By default, the errorlevel value of successful DOS command execution is 0. When using Run DOS or CMD command Action it may prove useful to treat errorlevel values greater than 0 (or any other specified value) as a possible or actual error by logging a warning or an error, respectively.
CMD window startup state Choose command prompt window startup state. Available options are:
  • Default · command prompt is opened the same way as it would be when running cmd.exe from Start menu.
  • Full screen · command prompt occupies all the available surface of a screen (as opposed to being shown in window).
  • Maximized · command prompt is maximized at launch.
  • Minimized · command prompt is minimized (displayed on the Taskbar).
  • Hidden · command prompt is shown neither on screen nor Taskbar and is accessible only from Task Manager.
Time unitsTime units selectionAllows precise specifying of time periods in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours or days.
This Action is enabledAction is performed only if checkbox is enabled. Action can be disabled by removing the mark from This Action is enabled checkbox. When disabled, Action will not be executed.
Advanced fallback optionsAllows to manage and handle advanced fallback options by selecting which failures will lead to execution of workaround operations.


  • On 64-bit Windows machines, the CMD window is not shown in full screen mode even if CMD window startup state option is set to Full screen. Instead, the CMD window will most likely be hidden. On 32-bit machines, since Windows 7, Full screen option only works with non-WDDM graphics card drivers.

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