Zip archive information Action

Specify the archive file to retrieve information about archive contents such as list of zipped files, number of files in archive, compressed and uncompressed total size of files in archive as well as compression ratio. The retrieved information is stored in dynamic Variable Wizard value and can be used by any following Action.

Archive propertiesDetails
Archive fileSpecify archive file to retrieve the information on its contents.
BrowseBrowseUse Browse button to specify particular file or folder on disk, on LAN (local area network) shares, etc.
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard button to specify more advanced input, such as, taking parameters from file, associated Trigger or other Action.
Zip archive information Action Archive properties
Additional notes:
  • When retrieving information on archive contents, Zip archive information Action supports multi-volume ZIP archives. However, when calculating file compression ratio (the relationship between total size of uncompressed files and ZIP archive size), the total archive size is calculated without including the size of header of each volume. Due to headers, there is a slight difference between single ZIP file and the same archive split to multiple volumes. However, it is rather insignificant (less than kilobyte per volume).
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