Hash & CRC help

To calculate file hash checksum values, click right mouse button on any file and choose Properties. Open the hash tab. By default, for files up to 20MB CRC32, MD5 and SHA-1 checksums will be automatically calculated. Default layout and active hashes can be saved by clicking OK button.

Access Windows file Properties

After necessary checksums are generated, it is possible to copy them to clipboard by clicking Copy button.

Febooti Hash & CRC property page elements:

IconShows the icon for the selected file.
NameDisplays the name of the file.
LocationShows where the file is located.
CheckboxesSpecifies the cryptographic hash values to be calculated. By default, CRC32 and MD5 and SHA-1 hashes are enabled. Click on Show more button to show all other hashes.
Hash valuesDisplays computed hash value for each selected hash function. Additionally, hash value is highlighted, if corresponding matches are found in hash file or clipboard:
  •  Found match in file: hash file;
  •  Found match in Clipboard (updated in real-time);
  •  Found match both in hash file and Clipboard;
  •  Regular hash.
MB/sShows average hashing speed (KB/s, MB/s or GB/s). Due to disk media latency, for a very small files (below a few megabytes), speed may be significantly lower than it would be for larger files. View hash benchmark.
View fileDisplays the name of the file and allows select another file. For single file, this option is always disabled.
Compute buttonCalculates selected cryptographic hash values.
Copy buttonOpens menu that allows to copy any or all calculated checksum to clipboard.
More buttonProvides more hash options:
  • Allows to choose an additonal hash functions (MD5, MD4, MD2) and (RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160, RIPEMD-256, RIPEMD-320) for hash calculations.
  • Show more hashes or Show less hashes - change default layout.
  • Show in UPPERCASE or Show in lowercase - change hash case.
  • Online help - opens this very help.
  • Test vectors - opens hash test vectors grid.
  • Release notes - opens Hash & CRC release notes.
Get more modulesConnect to Internet to download newest modules.
OKCloses the Hash & CRC, and saves layout and options.
CancelCloses the Hash & CRC, without saving any layout and option.
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