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Freeware fileTweak modules comes with an elegant & simple UI, that allows you to quickly make operations with files.


Get acquainted with the feel of freeware modules by clicking on screenshots and reading concise descriptions.

Preview of Compute hash checksumCompute file hash
Calculate the most commonly used file cryptographic checksums to ensure file integrity…
Preview of Advanced hash calculatorAdvanced hashes
Calculate file cryptographic checksums in many popular and less popular formats…
Preview of Realtime hash compareRealtime hash found
Compares file checksum with the one in clipboard and highlights the match…
Preview of Freeware hex editorHex editor
Modify the file content while showing the character position, ASCII value and hex code…
Preview of Context menuContext menu
Quickly access all the essential features of hex editor from the file context menu…
Preview of Hex editor expandedHex editor expanded
See more data such as position and hexadecimal values by expanding the hex editor…
Preview of Hex binary editBinary edit
Allows to manipulate the data on the level of individual bits of a selected byte…
Preview of Download speed benchmarkDownload speed
Measure your internet connection download speed and calculate a typical download time…
Preview of Change file caseChange file case
Easily change file names to a different letter case such as lowercase or Title Case…

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