Hash benchmark

Freeware Hash & CRC hash calculator uses native code to calculate hash values. Depending on complexity of hash functions and hashing algorithm implementation, some hashes are slower; some hashes are faster. Time to compute hashes will differ depending on PC speed (CPU, HDD/SSD, RAM, etc.), while the relative speed will remain the same.

The following grid with benchmark results below, were tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. CPU: Intel i7 950 3.05GHz. SSD: PCIe OCZ RevoDrive 3. Test file: 4,427,087,872 bytes.

Hash functionBenchmark speed
CRC32() 413.73 MB/s
MD2() 5.43 MB/s
MD4() 540.87 MB/s
MD5() 392.32 MB/s
SHA-1() 333.29 MB/s
SHA-224() 169.45 MB/s
SHA-256() 169.49 MB/s
SHA-384() 214.22 MB/s
SHA-512() 214.21 MB/s
RIPEMD-128() 244.88 MB/s
RIPEMD-160() 174.77 MB/s
RIPEMD-256() 265.62 MB/s
RIPEMD-320() 187.14 MB/s
WHIRLPOOL() 82.39 MB/s
Tiger-192() 394.52 MB/s
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