Run DOS / Cmd command

When Run DOS / Cmd command Action completes, it can provide certain variables for the next Action which can then base its operations on the outcome of the Run DOS / Cmd command Action. These variables can be used in any input of the following Action that supports Variable Wizard feature.

Variable Wizard - Run DOS / Cmd command Action

Variable Wizard retrieves the following variables from Run DOS / Cmd command Action.

Error levelReturns the errorlevel of finished command prompt cmd.exe command or last command in batch file, if the command or batch file is finished before the completion of the Task.
Command lineReturns full command line expression as it was executed in command prompt.
Start-up folderReturns the location of the folder in which command was executed.
Completion statusReturns completion status value of DOS / Cmd command or last command of batch file (usually, Successful or Failed).

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