Email Server

Email Server tab allows specifying the default SMTP server both for sending Task success / failure reports and emails using Send email Action. Provide connection parameters, such as authentication, username, password, port settings and other details.

Email Server propertiesDescription
SMTP serverEnter address of SMTP server that will be used as default for all email and notification sending processes. (Learn more - SMTP server configuration in email clients).
PortSpecify SMTP server port.
AuthenticationSelect SMTP authentication method (None, Auto detect, PLAIN, LOGIN, NTLM or CRAM-MD5).
ConnectionChoose between Regular and secure client / SMTP connection (SSL or STARTTLS).
UsernameProvide SMTP authentication username.
PasswordProvide SMTP authentication password.
Connect through specified IP addressIn case your machine features multiple connections to network, it is possible to specify which one will be used by providing Domain name or IP address of necessary interface.
Use custom HELO/EHLO stringProvide text that will be used after HELO / EHLO greeting when initiating client / SMTP connection. If not specified otherwise, computer name is used for initiation of SMTP connection.
Auto dial if modem usedIf modem is used, Automation Workshop will automatically connect Internet when necessary.
Remove X-Mailer tagIf enabled, X-Mailer tag Febooti Automation Workshop will not be added to email header.
Send test emailClick to send test email to specified email address.
Options - Email Server properties
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