Keys & shortcuts

Febooti Hex Editor is simple and easy to use utility, fully integrated into Windows property pages, that allows to modify file binary content.

The following list describes Hex Editor functions assigned to keys. Pressing two keys together is marked with a + sign.

Text EditingDescription
INSERTToggle cursor INSERT and OVERWRITE modes.
CTRL+XCut selected data into clipboard.
CTRL+CCopy selected data into clipboard.
CTRL+VPaste selected data from clipboard.
DELDelete selected data.
CTRL+BOpens binary editor that allows editing values by modifying bits.
CTRL+NDiscards all current changes and revert file to last saved state.
CTRL+SSaves current changes into file.
Cursor NavigationDescription
UPMove cursor up one position.
DOWNMove cursor down one position.
LEFTMove cursor left.
RIGHTMove cursor right.
PAGE UPMove cursor up one screen.
PAGE DOWNMove cursor down one screen.
HOMEMove cursor to the beginning of the line.
ENDMove cursor to the end of the line.
CTRL+HOMEMove cursor to the beginning of the file.
CTRL+ENDMove cursor to the end of the file.
CTRL+GGo directly to specified address.
CTRL+#Go to the defined bookmark, where # represents number key from 0 to 9.
CTRL+SHIFT+#Set bookmark at the address of current cursor position. Up to 10 bookmarks supported.
F2Go to the next bookmark.
SHIFT+F2Go to the previous bookmark.
CTRL+FOpens find box that allows to search for any ASCII or HEX values.
F3Search for the same value farther in the file.
SHIFT+F3Search for the same value before current cursor position.
Text SelectionDescription
SHIFT+UPSelect up.
SHIFT+DOWNSelect down.
SHIFT+LEFTSelect left.
SHIFT+RIGHTSelect right.
SHIFT+PAGE UPSelect up one screen.
SHIFT+PAGE DOWNSelect down one screen.
SHIFT+HOMESelect to the beginning of the line.
SHIFT+ENDSelect to the end of the line.
SHIFT+CTRL+HOMESelect to the beginning of the file.
SHIFT+CTRL+ENDSelect to the end of the file.
CTRL+ASelects all file content either in HEX or ASCII depending of cursor position.
Right Mouse ButtonOpens context menu, and access all program options and functions.
Wheel ClickEnable AutoScroll mode.
Wheel Scroll UPMove screen up one line.
Wheel Scroll DOWNMove screen down one line.
WinPropertiesOpens context menu associated with active element.
F11Change working area size. Expanded, extended and collapsed modes available.
ALT+VFocus Hex Editor.
TABSwitch to next active element of screen (e.g. from HEX to ASCII field).
SHIFT+TABSwitch to previous active element of screen (e.g. from ASCII to HEX field).

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