Copy As feature

Besides primary use for hex-editing of file content, Hex Editor offers Copy As feature that allows the efficient data copying in various formats. Depending on the particular goal, you can choose data format for easy displaying, printing or emailing. It also possible to export the hexadecimal string for direct use in C/C++ source file.

To use Copy as feature, select ASCII or HEX sequence, click right mouse button, and select one of the following copy formats from context menu:

as HEXCopies data in hexadecimal number format. Bytes are separated by space character.
as Text / ASCIICopies data in Text / ASCII format.
as C / C++Copies data in format that can be readily imported into C/C++ source code.
as ViewCopies data as it is displayed in Hex Editor, with address range on the left, hexadecimal values in the middle and ASCII values in the right column.
as AddressCopies the address of currently selected cell.
as Address RangeCopies address range of the selection.

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