Overview of recurring emails

Command line email utility brings an ultimate potential to send emails from various kinds of applications, for example, Word, Excel, and more than 200 other applications with VBA support. It allows various integration options (command line, scheduled tasks, scripting etc.).

Command line email provides maximum flexibility to send recurring emails. Tasks are easy to configure and can be executed either manually or automatically, with means of Windows Task Scheduler or any third party software.

  • Schedule recurring email.
    Highly customizable, universal multi-purpose application that allows integration into various software products. With VBA support it is universally applicable in nearly any environment. It is possible to setup Task Scheduler, use vast variety of scripting languages provided by lots of applications, and more.
  • Independence of email sending.
    Works as stand-alone product as well as in tight integration with other software products. It does not require email client or web browser, yet it can be configured to fully cooperate with existing email clients.
  • Control over email sending.
    Full control of sending process, including return codes. Gather statistics of email sending and stay informed if there is an undeliverable mail. View debug information with internal variables and SMTP server responses. Valuable information is always at hand.
Automation Workshop

New! We recommend Automation Workshop - software solution that allows connecting various computer system events and processes by designing Tasks visually.

Besides featuring built-in email sending module, Automation Workshop also provides a growing set of file / folder monitoring and operating modules, powerful Task scheduler, logging features and error handling options.

While Command line email application's essential reliance on configuration of its environment accounts for much of its flexibility and universality, sometimes it is more efficient to deploy ready solutions instead of scripting / programming such environments.

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