-LOGSUCCESS or -LS parameter allows to store basic history (such as date, recipient, etc.) of all successfully sent emails via Command line email software.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -LOGSUCCESS good-mail.log
  • febootimail -LS \\server\share\mail\mail-success.log

It is possible to review history of email sending, by storing log entries of all successfully sent mail messages. Basically it acts as a Sent email folder that contains simple bits of information (date, time, recipient, etc.). Note that log file does not store email text, subject, attachments, etc.; only very basic information is stored.

C:\>febootimail -SERVER smtp.example.com -FROM ted@sender.com -TO john@recipient.com -TEXT "Sending DOS email with successful email logging" -LOGSUCCESS c:\email-reports\success.log

Log file is created in plain text format upon successful email sending (errorlevel 0). Each entry occupies a single line. Use any text file viewer or Windows Notepad to examine its content.

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