-LOGFAILURE or -LF parameter allows to capture failed email sending attempts (SMTP downtime, network timeout, misspell in recipient's name, etc.) to specified log file.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -LOGFAILURE bad-mail.log
  • febootimail -LF \\server\share\email\failed-email.log

By allowing to capture basic error information (date, time, sender, recipient and errorlevel) to the dedicated log file of your choice, febootimail greatly facilitates overview and management of unsuccessful email sending attempts. By reviewing error log, it is possible to identify failed emails easily, and resend them if necessary.

C:\>febootimail -SERVER smtp.server.com -FROM john@sender.com -TO leon@recipient.com -TEXT "Sending mail from CMD with email loging (only failed messages)" -LOGFAILURE d:\emails\problems.log

It is good practice to record both full log and error log (both in a separate files), thus allowing to review full email sending history. In some environments and depending on business requirements, it is acceptable to not perform any logging at all.

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