Automation Workshop includes Copy file Action, a versatile and automatic file copying tool. As a part of automation environment, the file copying is performed whenever its containing Task is started by a Trigger when system state matches the specified criteria.

Copy Windows files
and then send email
Auto copy file
upon user logon
Copy recent files only

Multiple screenshots of Copy file Action in various contexts demonstrate the flexibility of the Action that allows to streamline file-related processes in numerous ways. The Action can be preceded by a Trigger which launches it automatically. Also, the Copy file Action can be followed by other Actions that take into account the data retrieved or used during automatic file copying process, and automatically reconfigure themselves to respond to the situation accordingly.

It can perform automatic file copying in various contexts, starting from a single particular file to complex folder structures. Filtering features allow precise discrimination between files based on their name, extension, mask, age, date, attributes and other parameters.

Copy files automatically
once per hour
Software to perform automated file copying
Automatic file copying
after Windows start-up
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