Start program / application

When Start program / application Action completes, it can pass certain variables to the following Action that can then base its operations on the outcome of the Start program / application Action. These variables can be used in any input of the following Action that supports Variable Wizard feature.

Variable Wizard - Start program / application Action

Variable Wizard collects the following variable values from Start program / application Action.

Exit codeReturns the exit code of finished program / application, if the program / application has exited before the completion of the Task.
Program pathReturns the location of the program / application.
ArgumentsReturns arguments that were attempted to pass to the program / application upon execution.
Start-up folderReturns the location of folder in which application was started (i.e., the default folder from application's perspective).
Completion statusReturns completion status value of program / application (usually, Successful or Failed).

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