Event icon · error

This Error Event is part of Run CMD Command Events.

Event ID · 68402

"Command failed with error level"


The error message is shown when the command executed by Run CMD Command Action returns an error level with numerical value greater than specified in Advanced tab of Run CMD Command Action. The default is 0, which commonly means a successful application finish. Run CMD Command Action can treat errorlevels greater than specified either as warnings or errors.


Run CMD Command Action can stop the Task with error, if executed command returns errorlevel value that is treated as error. For this to happen, however, the command must terminate before the Action does. If the Run CMD Command Action is finished (i.e., the Task has already proceeded with subsequent Actions) when the executed command returns an error, then the Task is not stopped and On Error procedures not performed.

To always process the errorlevel of executed command (and perform related procedures), select Wait for command to complete or terminate option in Options tab of Run CMD Command Action properties.


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