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Upload File Action can also change the permissions of uploaded files. Click the necessary permissions and they will be set during upload.

Files and directories in Linux have a standard set of access permissions that control which files can be accessed by whom.

There are different set of permissions for file and directory owner, group and other users. Each set consists of read, write, and execute permissions as well as special permissions set (i.e., set user ID, set group ID and sticky bit).

Owner Allows to set file owner permissions:
  • Read · access file contents and copy the file.
  • Write · modify and delete the file or directory.
  • Execute · execute the files of specific type, i.e., executables and shell scripts.
Group Allows to set group permissions.
Other Allows to set other (world) permissions.
Special Allows to set additional permissions:
  • Set user ID
  • Set group ID
  • Sticky bit
Numeric notation Shows Linux permissions in octal numeric format.
Symbolic notation Shows Linux permissions in symbolic notation.

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