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Remote FTP Command Action allows capturing an output of the standard or extended FTP command. The server response or return code is also captured along with the console output of the command. These values can be used in subsequent Actions from the Variable Wizard.

Treat Return Code greater than If enabled, change how the Action reacts to the server response / return code.
  • as warning · a warning event is logged.
  • as error · the Action fails with an error, and a Task On Error procedures are executed.
This Action is enabledAn Action is executed only if it is enabled. Otherwise, it will be automatically skipped (completely ignored) from the Task flow.
Use custom display nameRename this Action, to make a human-readable workflow that will help you to find, read, and make sense of the Task structure later.
Advanced fallback optionsManage the advanced fallback options—select which error types will lead to automatic execution of predefined workaround operations.
Log only errorsDo not log information and warning messages for this Action. It may be useful to keep the log file small and tidy on production systems.

Return codes…

  • While by default we treat the response codes starting from 400 as an error, some FTP servers may issue them as success. Use If–Else logic in such cases.
  • Overview of Program exit codes · Common program exit codes and error levels.
  • List of FTP server responses · Return codes always have three digits, and each digit has a special meaning.

We are here to help…

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