The Question dialog window (displayed by the Question dialog Action upon execution) may feature a visual icon from a list of predefined types as well as be shown either on top of all other windows or without any arrangement priority. Select options which will work best in the context of particular Task.

Icon Choose question dialog window icon from the following options:
  • Information · Shows the Information icon.
  • Question · Shows the Question icon.
  • Warning · Shows the Warning icon.
  • Error · Shows the Error icon.
  • None · Shows only message text.
Show the dialog above all other windows Places question dialog window on top of all other windows for better visibility.
This Action is enabledAction is performed only if checkbox is enabled. Action can be disabled by removing the mark from This Action is enabled checkbox. When disabled, Action will not be executed.
Advanced fallback optionsAllows to manage and handle advanced fallback options by selecting which failures will lead to execution of workaround operations.


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