On Error properties of Extract partial text Action

Specify operations to perform when the Extract partial text Action encounters an error. Available options include retrying the Action, sending email report to one or many recipients, running any predefined task or continuing with next Action within the same Task.

Note that On Error behavior is not triggered if appropriate error is disabled in Error tab.

On Error propertiesDetails
Retry this ActionIf enabled, the Extract partial text Action will retry to retrieve a part of the text string.
Send email when this Action encounters an errorSend email report with information on failed Action to one or multiple recipients separated by comma.
Run a TaskRuns another Task to workaround the problem or perform some additional operations.
Continue withSelect another Action (within the Task) to be performed when the Extract partial text Action fails.
Stop TaskStop the Task immediately upon encountering an error. No further Actions in the workflow will be performed.
Extract partial text Action Errors properties
Additional notes:
  • Task and Action name can appear in red, if Task or Action has been moved, renamed or deleted.
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