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Send email - specify most essential options for email sending, such as sender's name and address, single or multiple recipients, subject field, fixed or variable specific email text as well as single or multiple attachments. You can either provide fixed values for every input field or use Variable Wizard to flexibly configure variable specific email sending.

Email propertiesDetails
FromSpecify sender's email address with or without name. List of supported syntax for specifying sender's and recipient's name:
  • Firstname Lastname <>
  • Lastname, Firstname <>
  • "Firstname Lastname" <>
  • "Lastname, Firstname" <>
  • (Firstname Lastname)
  • (Lastname, Firstname)
  • (Lastname, Firstname (Thirdname))
ToSpecify single or multiple comma-separated email recipients:
  • John Doe <>, Jane Roe <>
SubjectProvide an email subject that specifies a brief summary of the message topic in a single line.
Email textProvide email text. Depending on whether message is in plain text, HTML or EML, appropriate message format should be selected in Options tab.
AttachmentsSpecify email attachments by entering full or relative path and file name or using either Browse button or Variable Wizard.
BrowseBrowseUse Browse button to specify particular file or folder on disk, on LAN (local area network) shares, etc.
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard button to specify more advanced input, such as, taking parameters from file, associated Trigger or other Action.
Send email Action Email properties
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