Play audio file Action

Specify audio file to be played upon performing Play audio file Action. Both fixed and dynamic Variable Wizard values can be used for audio file specification. In other words, the audio file is chosen either by user when configuring the Action or by some preceding Trigger, Action or file contents that is retrieved each time the Action is performed.

Sound propertiesDetails
Play audio fileSpecify the audio file to be played. Play audio file Action supports Waveform Audio File Format (wav).
BrowseBrowseUse Browse button to specify particular file or folder on disk, on LAN (local area network) shares, etc.
Variable WizardVariable WizardUse Variable Wizard button to specify more advanced input, such as, taking parameters from file, associated Trigger or other Action.
Play audio file Action Sound properties
Additional notes:
  • Some wav files may not play if corresponding codec is missing.
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