HEADER command

-HEADER parameter allows to insert any custom field into email header. Some of the standard header fields include From, Reply-To, Subject, Date, etc.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -HEADER "X-Disclaimer: Email is confidential"
  • febootimail -HEADER "X-Confirm-Reading-To: confirm@example.com"
  • febootimail -HEADER "X-Node-Server: 192.168.akadns-2042-0384-2983"

Setting custom headers is useful in cases when there is need to provide additional meta information to the email. Some popular custom headers include: References, Sender, Archived-At, X-Auto-Response-Suppress, Return-Path, Auto-Submitted.

C:\>febootimail -SERVER smtp.server.com -FROM john@sender.com -TO david@recipient.com -TEXT Sending mail with custom header -HEADER "X-Errors-To: errors@example.com"

If date is specified in custom header, Command line email does not use original date field.

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