HELO command

-HELO command specifies that a custom HELO greeting text will be used upon initiating client / server connection session. By default, the computer name is used by Command line email client when connecting to SMTP server.

Command syntax:
  • febootimail -HELO John-PC.corp.lan
  • febootimail -HELO "Mailer"
C:\>febootimail -SERVER smtp.server.com -FROM john@sender.com -TO joe@example.com -TEXT Sending mail with custom helo greeting from command line -HELO "my-pc.local"

The mail client uses HELO command to identify itself upon connecting to the server. For ESMTP connections, greeting is sent automatically as EHLO command. Typically, SMTP server greets client with code 220, and HELO command is sent back.

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