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This Warning Event is part of Automation Workshop Manager Events.

Event ID · 1221

"Automation Workshop Manager and Service version mismatch"


The warning is displayed when the Automation Workshop Service is from different installation package than Automation Workshop interface (i.e. either a version is different or 32 and 64-bit packages are mixed).

When it happens, Automation Workshop may show non-existent functionality of the software, not display some of existing features or fail to work at all. The Tasks that are designed for previous version of Automation Workshop should remain functional, though.


The issue can arise if the Service has not been stopped during installation of newer version of Automation Workshop. In this case the issue should automatically disappear upon restarting the system.

If 32-bit Service is mixed with 64-bit Manager or vice versa, Automation Workshop will not function properly. Reinstall the software with most suitable version. Also, it might be useful to create a backup of Tasks and Settings before proceeding with install and uninstall. The backup can be later used to restore complete Automation Workshop functionality.

The other possibility is manual replacement of Automation Workshop files or some other error. If the problem persists after system restart, try stopping the Service manually and install the newest software version on top of already existing one (to preserve existing Automation Workshop Tasks and configuration).

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