Queue tab provides options for setting maximum number of Tasks that can be executed simultaneously in parallel manner. Setup also the way Queue manager displays and manages active Tasks.

Queue Manager propertiesDescription
Maximum number of concurrently running TasksSpecify the maximum number of Tasks that can run simultaneously. When limit is reached, other Tasks are put into queue for execution upon availability of free queue slot.
Remove finished Tasks from Queue manager afterSpecify for how long already finished Tasks will be displayed in Queue manager. Also affects dynamic Task activity values that Queue manager returns via Variable Wizard.
Queue manager priorityIndicate how often Automation Workshop will check whether queued Tasks have to be executed. Higher priority leads to more frequent checks, but also higher CPU resource use. The default priority is Normal which grants real-time queue execution.
Queue manager update speedIndicate the rate of Queue manager window update. The default Queue manager update speed is Normal which provides reasonable near real-time queued Task updates. Low and High update speeds allow to allocate a bit less or more resources for queue manager user interface refresh.
Show Queue manager in Windows taskbarIf enabled, Queue manager will be shown in Windows taskbar.
Options - Queue Manager properties
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