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This Info Event is part of Automation Workshop Manager Events.

Event ID · 1048

"Due to network congestion X event messages were skipped"


When you are running a lightweight Task that is producing a lot of information events while the Automation Workshop user interface is open, and the Task setting Display in Log Pane is set to Show everything some messages may be skipped from appearing in the Log Pane. Instead you will see a message indicating how many messages were skipped.

To improve user experience, shortly after the network congestion occurs, the Event 1049 is shown to quickly observe the current queue status.

Event examples

See some examples of the Network congestion Event messages:

  • Due to network congestion 47,052 event messages were skipped.
  • Due to network congestion 142 event messages were skipped.


This is expected behavior when the Automation Workshop Service is producing a lot of messages, and the user interface can't handle such a huge volume. Messages are usually skipped when volume reaches thousands of messages per second, and this is also a case when you have a connection to a remote server that has the Show everything event reporting option selected, and a connection to the server is using a slow network, such as the internet.

When the message skipping occurs, this Event 1048 is logged in the Workshop.log file, while the Event 2267 · Network congestion occurred is logged in the Service.log file.

While event messages are skipped and not shown in the Log Pane, all the messages are always successfully written to the Service.log file.


Event 1048 is not a critical one and can be safely ignored. The logging capabilities of Automation Workshop are not affected—all Events are still logged in the log files. Just some of the messages are not displayed, when the volume of the messages reaches thousands of messages per second.

When you are developing or debugging a Task, it is recommended to choose the Show everything logging option to see all the relevant Events. When the Task is ready for the production environment, it is recommended to reduce logging level to the Default or Show important messages to reduce clutter in the Log Pane.

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