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This Error Event is part of WebDAV Watcher Events.

Event ID · 23401

"WebDAV Watcher failed"


The WebDAV Watcher Trigger failed—any file monitoring on remote server is not possible at this moment.


Make sure that specified directory to watch exists on the remote WebDAV server. In order to monitor changes in specified directory, the provided user must have read permissions to it.

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For example, you are connecting to https://example.com/tools/webdav/ server. When setting Directory to watch parameter, specify full URL for the monitored directory, for example: /tools/webdav/ or /tools/webdav/invoices/ for subdirectory.

If you watch the root directory /, and WebDAV Service listens to /tools/webdav/, then you most likely will get a 405 Method Not Allowed error.

Event examples

See some examples of the WebDAV Watcher failed Event messages:

  • Trigger "WebDAV Watcher" failed. Initialization was forcibly stopped.
  • Error listing directory "/webdav/docs". 404 Not Found.
  • Error listing directory "/wd/". 405 Method Not Allowed.

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