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Event icon · error

This Error Event is part of Remote SSH Command Events.

Event ID · 337400

"Remote SSH command failed"


The error message is shown when the Remote SSH Command Action fails to execute a remote command or script.

The provided command is not executed, in contrast to the Event 337402 when the command is executed but an exit status is greater than the defined error threshold value.

Event examples

See some examples of the Remote SSH command failed Event messages:

  • Action "Remote SSH Command" failed for "ls -la /home/ubuntu/".
  • Action "Remote SSH Command" failed. Operation not supported.


Make sure that you have selected the correct remote protocol. Only the SFTP and SCP protocols support the remote SSH commands.

It is also possible that an SFTP protocol on the remote server is configured to not allow an additional SSH session necessary for remote command execution. Consult your server administrator or server documentation for further help.

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