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Event icon · error

This Error Event is part of Enclosed Text Events.

Event ID · 146400

"Enclosed Text failed"


The message indicates that the Enclosed Text Action has experienced an unexpected error, e.g., the system has run out of memory.

Event examples

See an example of the Enclosed Text failed Event message:

  • Task "Sync DB" Action "Enclosed Text" failed. Error: The complexity of matching the regular expression exceeded predefined bounds. Try refactoring the regular expression to make each choice made by the state machine unambiguous. This exception is thrown to prevent "eternal" matches that take an indefinite period time to locate.


A possible cause of the error may be explained by use of a lot of * and ? wildcard characters.


Try to refine your search criteria by using less * and ? wildcard characters. As an alternative, you can try to use the Find Text or Extract Partial Text Action to extract enclosed text strings. If the error persists, please contact our support team.

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