Options tab of Read from file Action allows specifying exact region of file to be read into specified variable.

Before reading file, skip first Specifies the starting point in file starting from which data will be read into variable. If not specified, file is read from the beginning.
Read up to Specify the amount of data to be read from file. If not specified, data are read until the end of file.
Size unitsSize units selectionAllows precise specifying of file sizes in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes or terabytes.
This Action is enabledAction is performed only if checkbox is enabled. Action can be disabled by removing the mark from This Action is enabled checkbox. When disabled, Action will not be executed.
Advanced fallback optionsAllows to manage and handle advanced fallback options by selecting which failures will lead to execution of workaround operations.


  • When Read file Action is configured to skip specified amount of bytes from the beginning of the file, keep in mind that Unicode (UTF-16) characters are 2 bytes long each.

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