Options tab of Find and Replace Text Action allows to choose whether the text search will be case sensitive, enable the use of regular expressions (regex) and limit the maximum number of returned matches.

Ignore case When enabled, upper and lower case text will be treated as equivalent. When disabled, upper and lower case characters will be treated as distinct.
Use regular expressions Allows using regular expression search and regular expression replace patterns.
Limit replace to the maximum number of occurrences The Action will end when the specified number of found matches are replaced.
This Action is enabledAction is performed only if checkbox is enabled. Action can be disabled by removing the mark from This Action is enabled checkbox. When disabled, Action will not be executed.
Advanced fallback optionsAllows to manage and handle advanced fallback options by selecting which failures will lead to execution of workaround operations.


  • See details on regular expression usage for more information on regex compare functions.

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