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Delete Task API

API · Task management can also be automated—sometimes it is necessary to remove Tasks in an unattended manner. Removal of automated Tasks can be achieved using a simple command from the Automation Workshop API.

Features & highlights

  • Remove one or multiple Tasks from Automation Workshop in automated scenarios.
  • Delete an Automation Workshop Task from virtually any program, custom app, or script.
  • Delete Tasks calling the API from a batch file or custom database.
  • Remove workflows that have been imported, run, and no longer required using an automation API.


To delete a Task using API, use simple syntax:

  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -delete "\Tasks\Dev\DB\prepare.task"
  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -delete "\Tasks\Dev\DB\prepare"
"C:\Program Files\Febooti Automation Workshop\
AutomationWorkshop.exe" -delete "\Tasks\Dev\DB\prepare.task"

Alternatively, use an absolute Task file path:

  • AutomationWorkshop.exe -delete "C:\ProgramData\Febooti Software\Febooti Automation Workshop\Task Files\Dev\DB\prepare.task"



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