Text file as any parameter value

-USEFILE (or -UF) parameter substitutes values provided in the command line with contents of the specified text file. Instead of typing long message body, or typing large list of recipients, or retyping email signature, after corresponding switches in command line, specify USEFILE parameter. This parameter can be used with any other parameter. Example:

C:\>febootimail -FROM ted@sender.com -TO -USEFILE c:\files\to.txt -BODY -UF c:\files\body.txt -BODY -UF c:\files\signature.txt

Possible content of to.txt file, which is used to specify recipients:


Possible content of body.txt file, which is used to specify email message body:


Message sent from Febooti Command line email. The message body is taken from the file: "c:\files\body.txt"

Possible content of signature.txt file, which is used as email sender signature:

Ted Miller,
Product Sales Manager.
Phone: 555-456-7890

Note! In the example above, localhost is used as SMTP mail server. Usually, it is required to specify SMTP server manually using SMTP parameter. Server authentication is performed with AUTH, USER and PASS parameters. Example with authentication:

C:\>febootimail -FROM david@sender.com -TO ryan@example.com -SUBJ Usefile example -TEXT -USEFILE "c:\My Documents\e-mail.txt" -SMTP smtp.example.com -AUTH AUTO -USER david -PASS ********

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