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Event icon · info

This Info Event is part of Wait for Folder Events.

Event ID · 73000

"Waiting for folder condition"


The info message Waiting for folder [condition] confirms that the Wait for Folder Action has suspended the Task, awaiting the specified folder to be created (or to verify its existence), removed (or to confirm its absence), or to be empty or not. Once the specified condition is met, the Task resumes with the subsequent Actions.

Event examples

See some examples of the Waiting for folder Event messages:

  • Task "DB Maintenance" waiting for folder "C:\DB-export\Dump" to exist.
  • Waiting for folder "\\storage.local\share\monthly backup\2024-06" to exist and be empty.
  • Waiting for folder "C:\Tmp" to exist with no files.
  • Waiting for folder "D:\Automation\SFTP\Uploads" to exist and not be empty.
  • Waiting for folder "N:\Temp\Printing\Queue" to not exist.

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