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This Info Event is part of Synchronize Directories Events.

Event ID · 340002

"Syncing progress & status"


The info message indicates that Synchronize Directories Actions is syncing particular file or folder. Note that Synchronize Directories Action can propagate file and folder changes from local machine to remote server (upload), from remote server to local machine (download) or both directions (bidirectional synchronize). During file syncing, actual transfer speed and overall progress is shown.

Event examples

See some examples of the Syncing progress & status Event messages:

  • Syncing directory "D:\data\invoices\2021\" started.
  • Syncing file "D:\data\invoices\2021\invoice90812.pdf" started.
  • Syncing file "D:\data\invoices\2021\invoice90812.pdf" at 1.21 MB/s · 30% progress.
  • Syncing file "D:\data\invoices\2021\invoice90812.pdf" at 7.36 MB/s · 96% progress.
  • File "D:\data\invoices\2021\invoice90812.pdf" synced to "/home/ubuntu/the test directory/first file.txt" successfully.
  • Syncing file "/home/ubuntu/invoices/" started.
  • Syncing file "/home/ubuntu/invoices/db89234.docx" started.
  • Syncing file "/home/ubuntu/invoices/db89234.docx" at 2.63 MB/s · 11% progress.
  • Syncing file "/home/ubuntu/invoices/db89234.docx" at 9.87 MB/s · 98% progress.
  • File "home/ubuntu/invoices/db89234.docx" synced to "\\crm02.local\share\invoices\confirm\db89234.docx" successfully.
  • Action "Synchronize Directories" removed 1 file during synchronizing operation.


You can limit transfer speed in Synchronize Directories options · Learn more

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