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This Error Event is part of Rename Remote File Events.

Event ID · 333400

"Could not rename file"


The error indicates that Rename Remote File Action failed to rename specified file.


Make sure that the user specified in the connection has access rights to the remote directory. Check whether a file with specified name is present in source path. Check whether the new name does not conflict with existing file and folder structure.

Event examples

See some examples of the Could not rename file Event messages:

  • Could not rename file. Connection is closed or not found.
  • Timeout waiting for Cloud Networking Engine to respond.
  • Server failed to fulfil the request. The system cannot open the file. [os:4]
  • No such file or directory. Error message from server: No such file. The system cannot find the file specified. [os:2]
  • Could not retrieve file information.
  • Cannot create a file when that file already exists.
  • Operation not supported.
  • 403 Forbidden.

More examples

  • Command "mv -f" failed with return code 1 and error message. mv: cannot overwrite non-directory.
  • Command "ls -la -d" failed with return code 2 and error message. ls: cannot access. No such file or directory.
  • Access denied. Extra Details: RequestId: E1DE093F30DD996E, HostId: TqsNl3oiwXJuVr6MEo4WDTgY8Hfj8uKIGvxRCrYf4zIuo+PspX6PyM+aFlhBZFLj7…


If Rename Remote File fails with Lost connection. Disconnected from server error message, check stateful FTP firewall settings for a simple solution.

For particularly complex Tasks that involve a lot of files or very large files, a timeout can occur and the following message may be displayed or logged: Timeout waiting for Cloud Networking Engine to respond. In such cases it is advised to increase the default Network Timeout value option: SFTP, FTP, Amazon S3, and WebDAV.


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