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This Error Event is part of Ensure Remote Directory Events.

Event ID · 343400

"Could not ensure directory"


The error message indicates that Ensure Remote Directory Action has failed to ensure a remote directory.


Make sure that the provided access credentials have appropriate write permissions for the specified directory. Additionally, some underlying OSes and filesystems do not permit the use of special characters in paths. For example, an FTP server hosted on Windows will not allow characters such as *, /, |, ? and similar.

Event examples

See some examples of the Could not ensure directory Event messages:

  • Task "My Backup" Action "Ensure Remote Directory" failed. Error creating folder "/backups/2024/06". Permission denied. Error message from server: Permission denied. The system cannot find the path specified. [os:3]
  • Action "Ensure Remote Directory" failed. Error creating folder "/my-bucket/uploads". Access denied. Extra Details: RequestId: N4P5V44CD0ZGFNDM, HostId: RmVib290aSBleGFtcGxlIGRhdGEgMjAyNCBGZWJvb3RpIGV4YW1wbGUgZGF0YS4uLg==.
  • Error creating folder "/some-bucket/invoices". ErrorNoSuchBucket. Extra Details: BucketName: some-bucket, RequestId: tx00000fcc061fa23ffc37d-12673dfb38-f63ab2b9-fra1c, HostId: f65dd2b7-fra1a-fra3-zg82.
  • Error creating folder "/user/john/files". Command "mkdir "/user/john/files"". Failed with return code 1 and the following error message. mkdir: cannot create directory "/user/john/files": Permission denied.
  • Error creating folder "/temp/invoices:documents". The parameter is incorrect.
  • Error creating folder "/dav/uploads/*/<directory>". 400 Bad Request.


If Ensure Remote Directory fails with Lost connection. Disconnected from server error message, check stateful FTP firewall settings for a simple solution.

If your remote server uses IIS, and Task creates and removes directories in quick succession, the error 405 Method Not Allowed may occur. Try using Wait Action, to add 3-5 seconds delay between these Actions.

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