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Options tab of the Write to File Action allows specifying output file encoding and overwriting settings.

Overwrite file If selected, an existing file with the same name as an output file will be overwritten with a new one.
Append at the end of file If selected, an existing file with the same name as an output file will be appended with contents of a provided text.
Use Unicode encoding Specifies that the output file will be saved using Unicode encoding. If the option is disabled, the Write to File Action saves files using language for non-Unicode programs / system locale specified in Regional Settings (also known as ASCII, ANSI, or OEM code page).
  • UTF-8 · the most widely supported Unicode format.
  • UTF-16 · Microsoft Windows default encoding (known as UCS-2).
Add Unicode header Add a BOM or Byte Order Mark header to the beginning of a file. UTF-16 files usually have the BOM. It signals endianness of an UTF-16 file. On the other side UTF-8 files can skip this mark. BOM use is optional.
This Action is enabledAn Action is executed only if it is enabled. Otherwise, it will be automatically skipped (completely ignored) from the Task flow.
Use custom display nameRename this Action, to make a human-readable workflow that will help you to find, read, and make sense of the Task structure later.
Advanced fallback optionsManage the advanced fallback options—select which error types will lead to automatic execution of predefined workaround operations.
Log only errorsDo not log information and warning messages for this Action. It may be useful to keep the log file small and tidy on production systems.

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