Emails in various languages

To send mail in non-English language, text encoding must be specified.

Encoding is a method for presenting characters in digital form by mapping sequences of code values of into sequences of bytes, for example, ASCII, Unicode, and Windows 1252.

Example of sending email CHARSET parameter:

C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -MSG Sending mail message with german language text encoding! -CHARSET iso-8859-1

Note! In the example above, localhost is used as SMTP mail server. Usually, it is required to specify SMTP server manually using SMTP parameter. Server authentication is performed with AUTH, USER and PASS parameters. Example with authentication:

C:\>febootimail -FROM -TO -SUBJ Unicode example with authentication -TEXT Email text in different languages -SMTP -AUTH AUTO -USER david -PASS *** -CHARSET UTF-8
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Popular character sets:

Character setRegion / language
UTF-8Unicode, worldwide.
ISO-8859-1Western Europe.
ISO-8859-2Central Europe.
ISO-8859-3Southern Europe.
ISO-8859-4Baltic Rim.
US-ASCIIBasic english.
WINDOWS-1250Central Europe.

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