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The HIDE argument hides the console window of the command line mailer immediately after its execution.

Command syntax

  • febootimail -HIDE
  • hidefebootimail -ANY COMMAND … -ANY COMMAND

When using the HIDE command, the command prompt window is opened and, instead of staying on screen until the email sending processes are complete, is instantly hidden so that it does not take space on screen and taskbar.

febootimail -SERVER smtp.example.net -FROM ed@example.net -TO william@example.com -TEXT Send and use the built-in hide feature! -HIDE

Although the HIDE argument hides Command Line Email in less than a second, some situations may require that the command prompt window does not appear at all. In such a case use hidefebootimail.exe instead of febootimail.exe. It can be very useful when trying to execute febootimail silently from external applications such as Microsoft Office VBA scripts, databases, etc.

hidefebootimail -SERVER smtp.example.net -FROM ed@example.net -TO paul@example.com -TEXT "An email using the hidefebootimail as email sending application!"

It is highly recommended to test the Command Line Email parameters with febootimail.exe first and, when you are sure of its proper functionality, use hidefebootimail.exe instead. This will completely suppress the cmd window.

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